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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We Hate 2008 (so far)

We're about 3 and a half months into 08 and the vast majority of releases I was looking forward to have graced and shamed my ears. As usual, this thing we call 'indierock' has its fair share of pleasant surprises (ex:Bon Iver), safe mediocrity (ex:Vampire Weekend), utter disappointments (ex:Constantines) , instant classics (ex: Times New Viking), and everything in between (ex:Hot Chip). Overall, I'd have to say I'm very satisfied with the year thus far. Join me and delight in the reality that honest and creative music is thriving outside (and sometimes at the fringe of) the mainstream. The following is a collection of standout tracks that appear on this years greatest hits and misses (mostly hits).

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