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Friday, September 08, 2006



I was going to write a review today, but I have all of my cds packed up and only have on hand some sentimental favorites to get me through my last day of work:

-84 Nash A Secret Reward (Insect Siren/We Want Action, 2003)
See post 1.13.
-Times New Viking Dig Yourself (Siltbreeze, 2005)
It was great getting to know these guys over the past year, their new mini-lp The Paisley Reich is going to be coming out on Siltbreeze in the next few months and it's fucking righteous man. It looks like it's next stop Matador, as the indie-powerhouse has been vieing to release the next string of little TNV classics.
-The Double Palm Fronds (Catsup Plate, 2004)
I got this along with A Secret Reward and the Moc Records comp because I remember listening to Loose in the Air with Vertical Phil back in September of last year, but I figured that I would look this one up and I am really liking it right now. The Double is about 1000x better than the Animal Collective.
-84 Nash The Kings of Yeah (Rockathon, 1998)
Yeah!!! fucking good.
-Blue Diamond Phillips Presents Volume 1: This is My Life (Moc, 2000)
This comp had an 84 Nash song that I didn't have, so I decided to pick it up. M.O.T.O.'s "Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance to the Radio" is not the same version that's on Kill M.O.T.O., and the Kleenex Girl Wonder song is pretty good too, but (no surprise) it's 84 Nash's "I'm Not Famous, I'm Nobody" steals the show in my book. James Brent's drumming will make you rubberneck on the bridge.
-The Stapler Metaphysical Haircut (Columbus Discount, 2006)
I came to Columbus last June with the goal to record and release this album, and it finally got an offcial release a couple of weeks ago via Matador Direct; listening to this is always going to bring back some great memories.

My time in Columbus have been great; thanks to everyone who made it such a great experience for me. Keep Daymon Dodson alive and well, stay close, hold your heads up high, and keep in touch. I'm going to miss you all and am anxious to see everybody on December 22nd at the Carabar for The Stapler's homecoming show (other bands will be announced closer to the date). You'll hear from me sooner though; look for my next post this Monday or Tuesday.

Hey Sean (& co.),

I'm glad I stumbled across this. Really great stuff--I'll be a regular reader for sure.

Matt from the PNs

P.S. Verlaines, Verlaines, Verlaines, Verlaines, Verlaines, Verlaines, Verlaines, Verlaines, Verla-aines.
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