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Monday, March 05, 2007



I can hardly remember February!

I can’t believe that it has been over a month since I posted anything here. You might be thinkin’ that I’m lazy or forgetful… but that couldn’t be farther from the truth: there were only three-four days between the end of my finals for my winter semester and starting this new spring semester, and during that time I’ve been hard at work writing reviews (as well as getting the ball rolling on a couple of exciting interviews) for my home away from here, The Z Gun, and working on some new paintings and drawings for a possible show later this spring. A nice big tax return showed up two weeks ago and I’ve been spending every waking hour ripping my records and tapes so that I can listen to them at school and en route. I’ll throw a couple reviews up on here later this week, because I’m tired of people asking when I’m going to update this damn blog… but really that just shows that there’s people out there who are actually reading and checking the blog on a daily basis, which is very flattering… so thanks for your support… and bear with me, this blog ain’t going anywhere, you will see that it just gets updated more frequently/regularly when my schoolwork doesn’t keep me in the studio 24-7…. time for bed! (pictured is a cardboard panel and duct tape wall system that I worked on over a weekend back in mid-January)

is that your studio? those floors look wild!
yeah, theys painted neon yellow and dark brown...luckily im in a new studio for the next couple of months
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